RapidComposer Version History

Check the recent changes since v4.0

April 8, 2024: v5.2.0

  • 'Song View' implemented that displays the composition line by line, showing the chords and optionally the notes
  • Reworked rhythm processing in the MIDI Mutator: non-destructive options added
  • Melody section added to the MIDI Mutator
  • Fully reworked rhythm processing under the Rhythm tab in the Phrase Inspector: many non-destructive options added in a separate inspector
  • New setting: selection between "conventional notation" and "alternative notation" when showing scale degrees
  • "Modify existing phrase by AI" added to Phrase Editor
  • The folder track optionally shows all notes of the included tracks
  • Chord builder menu added to master track chords
  • Option added to save multiple selected phrases as rhythm into the rhythm browser in the Phrase Inspector
  • Saving phrases/rhythm into the library is many times faster
  • In the chord builder it is possible to select multiple notes by holding down the Shift or Ctrl keys when clicking
  • The 'DAW view' button moved to the editing mode menu
  • Keyboard shortcuts added for forward/rewind
  • Keyboard shortcut added for collecting all scales for the selected chords. The scales are displayed below the master track.
  • Keyboard shortcut added for opening the VST/VST3 editor for the selected track
  • UI improvements when using high DPI
  • Stability improvements

March 12, 2024: v5.1.4

  • Fixed: due to server configuration changes, update checking stopped working

February 26, 2024: v5.1.3

  • Fixed: using VST3/VST instruments for metronome works well
  • Fixed: metronome did not sound during recording in the Phrase Editor
  • New snap and grid settings: 3/32, 3/16, 3/8, 3/4 (existing 3/4 snap fixed)
  • Small UI rendering fix when multiple buttons displayed
  • [macOS] Reverted to old locking mechanism due to rare unexplained crashes

January 30, 2024: v5.1.2

  • Fixed occasional hanging when loading another composition with plug-ins
  • [macOS] Fixed text editing issues

January 23, 2024: v5.1.1

  • Reworked and clarified prompts and a simpler syntax used for phrases when communicating with GPT models
  • Improved interpretation of GPT replies 
  • Fixed a bug when longer phrases were used in the Idea Tool ('Add New Part' mode)
  • Minor UI improvements

January 15, 2024: v5.1.0

  • AI suggestions implemented in various places in the program. An OpenAI API key is required to use this functionality. It is possible to get suggestions for chord replacement, chord progressions, chord rules, scales, phrases, tracks, song structure...
  • AI chat window added to ask music composition related questions. RapidComposer will extract and display musical suggestions from the reply, ready for inserting into the composition.
  • "Bend up", "Bend up+reset" and "Bend up+release" presets added to CC browser (and used in GPT guitar solo/licks suggestions)
  • Phrase Editor CC editing menu: "Insert CC browser selection"
  • UI improvements in the Chord Selector, "For Chord Progression" tab
  • New idea track option: "Remove used phrases from list"
  • Fixed: in Digital Performer 11 the RC VST3 plug-in failed validation scan
  • Phrase Editor: fixed rubber-box selection when editing note CC's
  • 'AI Suggestions' chapter added to the user guide
  • Stability improvements

December 27, 2023: v5.0.8

  • Fixed when melody generators were used as ghost copies (track variations were not applied on them)
  • Fixed wrong velocities when editing phrases in the inspector during loop preview
  • Improved searching in the browsers; you need to press Enter to start searching
  • Fixed 'save cc envelope to browser' button in the Phrase Editor
  • [macOS, plug-ins] Fixed rare font size problems on retina screens
  • Reworked low-level locking

December 4, 2023: v5.0.7

  • Chord naming selector inserted in the 'properties' bar
  • New MIDI import option: "Throw away redundant CC events"
  • Fixed 'Save plug-in state in history' when it was turned off
  • Stability improved when loading plug-ins and during undo/redo
  • Fixed crash because of a race condition when selecting an instrument in the menu

November 28, 2023: v5.0.6

  • In the Melody Editor adding a new section will select Motive 'A' by default rather than adding an empty 'rest' section
  • Minor fixes in the Melody Editor
  • [macOS, VST3] Fixed plug-in window resizing in Cubase

November 13, 2023: v5.0.5

  • A VST3 plug-in initialization issue has been fixed when using Synthogy Ivory 3 VST3
  • Crash fixed when saving a track template
  • [macOS, AU] Fixed a 'black window' issue when re-opening the plug-in window in Logic Pro X.

November 8, 2023: v5.0.4

  • Fixes for wrong chords displayed under the 'Scale Degrees' tab in the Chord Selector
  • Fixed: when editing 'Notes To Use', octave/scale/semitone offsets did not update the values on screen

October 31, 2023: v5.0.3

  • Memory usage optimized: loaded phrases reserve considerably less memory with less allocations
  • Fixed a minor issue with random number generation
  • Fixed chord progression generation using rules: sometimes out-of-scale chords were created
  • Fixed soundfont paths when soundfonts were not located in RapidComposerV5/Soundfonts
  • [Plug-ins] RapidComposer plug-in offers playback instrument selection on the MIDI Mutator page

October 23, 2023: v5.0.2

  • A warning and a suggestion is displayed when the operations result in an empty rhythm pattern in the Rhythm Lab
  • Fixed: MIDI CC's in phrase ghost copies were not updated when the CC's were edited in the original phrase

October 19, 2023: v5.0.1 (macOS only)

  • [macOS] Fixed display and window resizing issues in the RC AU and VST3 plug-in on retina screens

October 16, 2023: v5.0

  • New flexible rhythm generator: 'Rhythm Lab' makes several old rhythm generators obsolete
  • All phrase generators use 'Rhythm Lab' by default. Default settings were revised.
  • New phrase generator: MIDI Transformer (full edition only). Drop a MIDI file to this phrase generator (in the inspector) to create a new phrase of similar style.
  • 'DAW view' added with optimized display for working in the composition globally as in a DAW. Select and move phrases in multiple tracks, use rubberbox selection in multiple tracks, drop multi-track MIDI files, etc.
  • Ghost tracks added, with 'unghost' option. Ghost tracks contain all phrases of the original track, rendered with or without the original track variations
  • VST/VST3 FX plug-ins can be added to instruments. Plug-in handling was reworked internally.
  • Blacklisting implemented for crashed plug-ins during scanning. Scanning options menu added.
  • Variation presets implemented
  • CC envelope browser added. Save and reuse your favourite envelopes
  • Contributed phrases are installed too, and loaded in a few seconds
  • Velocity editor added to 'Manual Editing' and a velocity bar is displayed in notes. Velocity can be directly changed when moving or resizing notes.
  • Reworked/simplified phrase resizing. Shift-drag edge to scale, Ctrl-drag edge to repeat/crop. Dragging the edge means scaling for normal phrases and setting generator length for phrase generators
  • Scales may contain additional notes, so the special "major set", "minor set", "major/minor set" and similar scales are properly represented
  • Lots of UI improvements
  • Separate folders created for each file type under Documents/RapidComposerV5: no more DB folder
  • [Plug-ins] UI rendering and event handling fully reworked in the plug-ins
  • [Plug-ins] It is possible to set up loop in the RC plug-in, independently of the host
  • Lots of internal rework, optimizations and bug fixes

July 19, 2023: v4.7.3

  • [macOS, VST3 plug-in] Fixed a build error when using the latest VST3 SDK, which made the VST3 plug-in unusable on macOS
  • Fixed a deadlock when filling a VST/VST3 track with phrases
  • Fixed crash when generating chords on the master track in some circumstances
  • Fixed track envelopes (lack of linearity between points)

July 3, 2023: v4.7.2

  • 'Scale step' option added to the Transpose variation, which can be automated
  • Variation parameter envelopes fixes (Delay notes, Transpose, Rests...)
  • Fixed function generator for envelopes to use the right vertical range
  • [VST3] Fixed a bug with pitch wheel messages in the VST3 plug-in

June 20, 2023: v4.7.1

  • New coloring option for "Color chord notes by distance from root": "Yes, all notes"
  • [Plug-ins] Fixed: preview instuments were not saved
  • Minor fix in the Markov generator

June 5, 2023: v4.7.0

  • Markov model implemented in MIDI Mutator to create similar MIDI sequences from a dropped MIDI file
  • Function generator added in the MIDI CC editor (in the context menu and in the Phrase Editor CC editor toolbar)
  • Copying/pasting MIDI CC events is possible: "Select all", "Copy selection", "Paste to current time", "Remove selection" added to the CC menu
  • MIDI CC editor rubberbox selection improvements: hold Shift to extend selection vertically to all values
  • Implemented Ctrl-click and Shift-click in the MIDI CC editor for selecting CC points
  • MIDI CC values can be set for multiple events at once
  • Pivot chord suggestions offered
  • New phrase generator: "Melody Generator v2". This works on the scales specified by the chords rather than the master track scale, and has scale tone usage options. Settings were simplified.
  • Holding Ctrl during resizing notes will set all selected notes to the same length
  • "Preserve Original Accents" options added to Apply Rhythm and Rhythm Mapper variations
  • Enable screensaver setting added (enabled by default)
  • Chord progression can be imported from MusicXML files
  • More subtle colors for shading the background ('shaded' and chord notes). You need to select "Dark" or "Dark with orange" in order to use the new colors, because your existing color settings are preserved.
  • "Darken by 5%" and "Lighten by 5%" menu items added for the color settings
  • Fix in Idea Tool: generator presets had wrong length
  • Idea Tool UI improvements and layout optimizations
  • The text editing field menu can be better seen and clicked with big font sizes
  • [Windows][Plug-ins] Fixed: some text editing fields were not redrawn properly during editing
  • User guide updated
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

April 3, 2023: v4.6.3

  • MIDI files can be dropped on the chords track in the Melody Editor
  • Quantize variation offers applying the quantize to MIDI CC's
  • When displaying rendered notes, colors can be assigned to different chord notes by their distance from root (which can be set up under Settings / User Interface)
  • New view option for tracks: "Show rendered note labels"
  • New setting: Display chord notes in note labels as... 
  • New setting: Display MIDI note in note labels
  • New setting: Display octave offset in note labels
  • [Plug-ins] New experimental feature: "Sync to DAW" in the Phrase Editor
  • Fixed crash when adding the same CC again to a phrase (it should remove the CC instead)

February 23, 2023: v4.6.2

  • Fixed crashing bug when all tracks were removed
  • [Plug-ins] Fixed crashing bug when dropping a phrase/instrument/scale/chord in a closed and re-opened window
  • [Plug-ins] Fixed hanging notes during phrase preview when selecting a phrase

February 20, 2023: v4.6.1

  • MIDI import: imported MIDI is zoomed out when loaded
  • MIDI import: MIDI CC's are displayed as events, not curves
  • MIDI import: LSB of 14-bit controllers are not added to the imported MIDI CC's as a separate CC
  • Fixed: 2/4 grid lines disappeared when zooming when grid was set to 2/4
  • Fixed: VST3 plug-in resizing to a bigger size resulted in black areas
  • Fixed a bug when auto-harmonizing many phrases at once

February 6, 2023: v4.6.0

  • VST3 instrument plug-ins supported
  • Instrument plug-in handling simplified: the 'multi-timbral plug-in' setting was removed, all plug-ins are handled equally. If you select a plug-in from the 'Loaded plug-ins' section, it will use the existing loaded plug-in instance, otherwise choosing from the menu will load a new instance.
  • Searchable lists for plug-ins, settings, keyboard shortcuts, UI colors
  • Smart instrument menu displays instruments based on your usage statistics
  • Drag phrase directly to a DAW from the Phrase Editor
  • MIDI keypresses can be assigned to any functions as shortcuts
  • [Windows][Plug-ins] Using keyboard shortcuts is possible even if the plug-in host does not support that! Select the small keyboard in the upper right corner. Deselect it to allow the host to process keypresses.
  • 'Replace Selection' option added to the Idea Tool to replace the contents of the timeline selection
  • Idea Tool 'generate' button is always displayed after using the Idea Tool
  • Tonnetz visual improvements
  • File menu: "Save composition (selection only)" added with shortcut
  • Track inspector: "Duplicate track with new plug-in instance" added with shortcut
  • Right-click on the structure bar will select the timeline and master track for the line, Shift-right-click will do the same for the part
  • Keyboard focus border is hidden if window looses keyboard focus, and shown if window becomes keyboard focus (this is important for the plug-ins) 
  • [macOS] New setting: 'Disable retina screen detection'
  • New setting: 'Enable mouse-wheel over track sliders' (disabled by default)
  • Dozens of chord progressions added with voicing kindly contributed by Robin Bergsohn
  • "Merge composition" menus fixed, and set up automatically when track names match
  • User guide updated

January 23, 2023: v4.5.2

  • New setting: 'Enable mouse-wheel over track sliders' (disabled by default)
  • Timeline range selection added to the Phrase Editor and Melody Editor (Ctrl-drag on the timeline to make a selection). When there is a selection, only the selection is played back.
  • In the MIDI Mutator you need to hold down Ctrl for timeline selection to be consistent with Phrase Editor and Melody Editor
  • Fixed composition templates which used the old V3 file format
  • Fixed scroll bar when using the Idea Tool
  • Fixed a bug in MIDI Mutator when new MIDI was dropped but some operations used the previous state
  • Fixed a bug in the standalone version that caused the program hanging during exiting when VST plug-ins were used

December 14, 2022: v4.5.1

  • Slider improvements and fixes; mouse-wheel can be used over track sliders
  • [macOS][Plug-ins] Fixed window size for re-opened plug-in window on retina screens
  • [macOS] Cursor fixes: eraser cursor was not shown, pencil cursor had wrong color
  • [Plug-ins] Fixed crash when closing and re-opening the window with the note inspector open
  • Fixed: hanging notes when adding pitch bend to a note

December 5, 2022: v4.5.0

  • Reworked MIDI CC and parameter editing with curves (exponential or S-curve) or individual events
  • Reworked MIDI CC processing with improved precision (floating point values). 14-bit MIDI CC's are supported.
  • Add MIDI CC's for phrases and notes (in the Phrase Editor). Controller data are attached to phrases/notes as you move them and can be saved.
  • New LE features: articulations and melody generators were added to the light edition!
  • [Plug-ins] The UI engine was replaced in the plug-ins. As a result retina screens are also supported in the plug-ins on macOS.
  • Dozens of UI changes to improve the UI on Retina (macOS) and HiDPI (Windows) screens
  • Double-clicking on the timeline selection will zoom into the selection
  • Horizontal zoom on the timeline is very smooth now (in Composition, Phrase Editor, Melody Editor, MIDI Mutator)
  • Instrument menu better organized in the track inspector
  • Articulations included for Amadeus Symphonic Orchestra Kontakt library and the four sections of Red Room Audio Palette Kontakt library (contribution by Jose Eulogio Sanguino Payan)
  • Fixed: when using default.rcCOMP for new compositions, it is not overwritten for a 'Save'
  • Fixed crash when dropping a phrase on another one and selecting 'Replace Phrase'
  • Fixed a rare crash during editing a phrase generator
  • Bugs of MIDI recording fixed (crashes and recording offset)
  • User guide updated: a new chapter added explaining MIDI CC editing
  • Many stability improvements

July 18, 2022: v4.4.3

  • New setting: Reset Phrase Editor, MIDI Mutator and Chord Rules Editor for New Composition
  • New setting: Past 'History' states to store
  • Fixed: VST plug-in instance issues when duplicating a track
  • Fixed a 'division by zero' error in the Modern Random Rhythm generator
  • [macOS, plug-ins] Fixed a crash after the plug-in was unloaded

July 4, 2022: v4.4.2

  • [MIDI Mutator] Recalling a MIDI Mutator preset won't disable the 'Apply Changes' button
  • [MIDI Mutator] Notes are updated live when moving the chord edges
  • [MIDI Mutator] Fixed internal inconsistency because of playback (e.g. 'randomize progression' did not work sometimes)
  • Ctrl-up/down transpose selection by semitones in the Phrase Editor
  • Fixed: editing notes during Phrase Editor loop playback are heard immediately
  • Fixed: due to a compiler bug harmonization crashed in the plug-in (but not in the standalone, or on macOS!)

June 29, 2022: v4.4.1

  • Fixed: VST plug-ins are properly instantiated when a composition is reloaded

June 13, 2022: v4.4.0

  • MIDI Mutator tab added for manipulating MIDI files (change rhythm, timing, accents, chords, voicings, pitches of loaded MIDI files)
  • Auto-regeneration options added for phrase generators: change the rhythm and/or notes at the end of loop or on stopping playback.
  • New rhythm generator: 'Modern Irregular Rhythm' suitable for modern genres
  • New chord suggestion that looks up chords with the same bass note: Bass pedal tone chords
  • New chord suggestion that looks up chords with the specified melody note: Melody pedal tone chords
  • 'Scale Degrees' received a note filter where you can filter the displayed chords by notes (e.g. when using a melody pedal tone)
  • Optimized phrase rendering and MIDI import (chord detection is many times faster)
  • Smoother horizontal zooming
  • Splash screen shown during initialization
  • UI option to use color buttons (can be customized or turned off entirely)
  • Small UI cleanup in Quick Suggestions

April 25, 2022: v4.3.4

  • [macOS] New setting: Invert scrolling direction
  • New setting: Load 'default.rcCOMP' for 'New Composition'.
  • The piano keyboard can be removed from the tracks ('Show Keyboard' in the menu)
  • 'Remove Unused Motives' added to the Melody Editor context menu
  • Fixed: dragging MIDI from the plug-in to DAW during playback sometimes included wrong notes
  • Fixed a crashing race condition bug
  • Fixed: pop-up help stopped working after opening a pop-up menu
  • [macOS] Fixed mouse coordinates when RC window dragged from retina to non-retina screen
  • [macOS] Too fast scrolling on Apple Trackpad or Magic Mouse improved

February 14, 2022: v4.3.3

  • 'Reload all articulations' menu item added to Controller menu in the track inspector
  • Fixed crash when dragging a folder track
  • Fixed crash during editing Strum Pattern Generator
  • [macOS] Fixed UI layout issues in the demo version on retina displays
  • [Plug-ins] Fixed crashing bug when using soundfonts in the plug-ins
  • Various stability fixes

January 10, 2022: v4.3.2

  • Scrolling settings (speed, acceleration, deceleration) added under Settings / User Interface
  • Arpeggiator has a 'generate' button, improved 'Random' setting
  • [macOS] Fixed visual issues on retina, UI optimizations for high-DPI screens
  • [macOS] Fixed too fast scrolling
  • [macOS] Redo is command-shift-Z by default
  • Removed pop-up menu unnecessary title in Melody Editor
  • Fixed: inspector windows when opened outside the main window, were always-on-top regardless of the settings
  • Fixed using negative octave offset in the phrase inspector (in the allowed notes)
  • Fixed a note editing bug when editing Motive Generator (wrong scale used as a reference)
  • [macOS, AU] Fixed: when opening RC in a separate window, resizing the window did not work 

December 30, 2021: v4.3.1

  • [macOS] UI fixes and improvements on retina resolutions
  • Redesigned scrollbars, scrollbar width setting is reset to 'Auto' 
  • Fixed redraw and window size issues in Chord Selector
  • Fixed dragging from the Chord Selector
  • [macOS] Fixed mouse cursor (it was always an arrow)
  • [macOS] Fixed crash when opening menus
  • Other small fixes for issues appeared in v4.3

December 13, 2021: v4.3

  • New UI engine with hardware acceleration, retina display support and smooth scrolling
  • [macOS] Apple M1 is natively supported
  • [macOS] AU synth plug-in supports 128 MIDI channels!
  • Dragging and dropping selected chords on the master track is possible
  • Reworked chord rules editor toolbar
  • New MIDI import setting: Import MIDI markers as chords
  • New variation: Insert Connecting Notes
  • New variation: Insert Connection To Next Phrase
  • 'Learn' functionality in Markov Melody generator: drop a monophonic MIDI file or a phrase on the Learn button!
  • Cosmetic changes on the Markov Melody UI, a missing option added
  • Tolerance option added to Join Notes
  • Phrase variations: 'Remove Note' variation improvements: specify number of notes/events for 'Random notes' and 'Random times'
  • [Plug-ins] New playback option: 'Sync playback to host'
  • Shortcuts Ctrl-Z/Cmd-Z and Ctrl-Y/Cmd-Y work in the Phrase Editor
  • Chord rules are looked up for church modes and chromatic scale (when unlocked), not just for major and minor scales
  • Last edited rules are saved and restored between sessions
  • Lower case is used for labels
  • [Plug-ins] Fixed silent or swallowed notes at the beginning of a loop for local playback: usage of 'all notes off' removed
  • [macOS][Plug-ins] Crash fixed when right clicking on a phrase magnet
  • [Windows] Installer updated

September 27, 2021: v4.2.3

  • Ctrl-Drag Master Track chords as MIDI file (timeline selection, or all when there is no selection). Use Ctrl-Shift-drag for voice leading.
  • Phrase variations: 'Remove' and 'Remove All' work for all selected phrases
  • Phrase variations: setting a parameter works for all selected phrases
  • Shortcut added for showing/hiding the browser (unassigned by default)
  • [Melody Editor] Playback option added to play the chords track together with the melody
  • [Melody Editor] Chords track length issues fixes (when adding/removing motives)
  • [Melody Editor] Crashing issue when resizing the last chord fixed
  • Fixed chord rule selection from menu when magnet was 'off'
  • Fixed bug when applying Mirror Vertically on a Chord Generator

July 19, 2021: v4.2.2

  • It is possible to regenerate the shape only or the rhythm only for phrase generators
  • Markov Melody Generator UI reworked
  • Phrases had incorrect length when dragging from the browser (wrong signature was used)
  • Fix disappearing graphics when dragging over a zoomable scroll bar
  • Instrument selection in the Percussion Generator did not update the editor (bug introduced in v4.2.0)
  • Stability fixes for various undo/inspector crashes
  • Fix for a crash when editing the Percussion Generator in the Idea Tool
  • Enable Drawing 'Line' And 'Freehand' Phrases is among experimental settings
  • [Windows] Fix for a crash during text editing (e.g. when saving a progression)
  • Other bug fixes

June 21, 2021: v4.2.1

  • Keyboard left-right arrows move notes and phrases by 'snap' setting
  • Preview implemented when moving notes with the arrow keys (note editing mode)
  • Fixed: Alt/Option-click to split or join notes did not work in note editing
  • States are stored for 'undo' during note editing
  • New MIDI Export setting: Embed 'Program Change' events in exported MIDI
  • New chord suggestion: secondary dominant for the next 'I' chord
  • Fixed: VSTi instruments unloaded for 'undo' if 'Save VSTi State In History' was turned off
  • Fixed: invalid control number inserted to exported MIDI for some soundfonts
  • [Plug-ins] Fixed: first note of the loop sometimes did not play back in some hosts
  • [Plug-ins] Fixed rare crash when right-clicking on a phrase to open the inspector during playback

June 7, 2021: v4.2.0

  • Undo/redo arrows added to main composition, History tab removed
  • Past 'undo' states can be stored in RAM or on disk. The default is in RAM.
  • Chord rules lock have been added to all chord rules settings. When unlocked, the rule automatically changes based on the scale (default).
  • Sending MIDI Machine Control events is implemented (enable under Settings / MIDI)
  • New menu added when right-clicking on a master track scale/tempo/signature where scale/tempo/signature can be reviewed and edited for all levels (composition, part, line, local) 
  • 'Create Tone Row' setting for chromatic progression generation (experimental setting, which must be enabled under Settings / Miscellaneous)
  • Double-clicking on horizontal or vertical scrollbars zooms out the view, another double-click restores the previous view
  • Vertical scrollbar has magnifiers to allow zooming
  • New Idea Tool track option: 'Select Phrases From List In Random Order'
  • Melody Generator UI improvements: '2nd Last Note' menu added, Tonic, Step Above Tonic, Step Below Tonic added to 'Last Note' options
  • 'Render Motive With Variations' added to Melody Editor menu
  • 'Change Chords According To New Scale' option added to master track scale menu (Scale Inheritance) and other places
  • Editing in Percussion Generator was reworked, it is snappier and more reliable
  • 'Preserve Phrase Order' option added to Phrase Container, moving phrases up/down is possible
  • Improved bar position editing is used in the Timeline Inspector, and in Loop Options
  • Track vertical zoom is saved with the track
  • [Plug-ins] RC VST3 plug-in displays input and output channel menu in Studio One
  • [Plug-ins] RC VST3 plug-in offers 128 output channels (some DAWs may not handle all 128 channels)
  • [Plug-ins] Fixed preview (incoming notes sent to plug-in host)
  • Memory footprint reduced, memory and resource allocations optimized (lots of changes under the hood)
  • Stability improvements

April 19, 2021: v4.1.4

  • Fixed: entering a melody formula crashed in the Melody Editor 'generation settings' when the chords track was not enabled
  • Fixed: pop-up help did not work in Melody Editor 'generation settings'
  • Fixed: wrong font sizes were used for vertical sliders on Melody Editor 'generation settings'
  • Fixed occasional issues with exported MIDI length
  • [macOS] Fixed crashes when opening pop-up menus

March 22, 2021: v4.1.3

  • Keyboard shortcuts added: 'Mute/Unmute Selected Track', 'Solo/Unsolo Selected Track' (unassigned)
  • 'Undo' and 'Redo' keyboard shortcuts added to Melody Editor
  • Chord help is displayed multiple times on the master track
  • Fixed: split phrases at bar boundaries did not work
  • Fixed MIDI import issues when 'auto-detect phrases' was not enabled
  • Fixed: Track Templates browser did not display folders initially

March 3, 2021: v4.1.2

  • New size entry for phrase generators in the phrase inspector 
  • Improved length display for phrases and rhythm patterns in the phrase inspector
  • Fixed badly working "Preview Rhythm" button in the phrase inspector
  • Fixed: preview in chord selector was always turned on
  • Fixed: 'lock' should never be enabled for percussion phrases
  • Fixed: in a percussion track the 'lock' button should not be displayed

February 22, 2021: v4.1.1

  • Fixed: adding notes to a transposed phrase added the wrong notes in Note Editing mode
  • Fixed: composition loaded in Note Editing mode sometimes did not display notes
  • Fixes for adding notes/phrases in the composite track
  • Fixed crash when 'unghosting' a phrase during playback
  • Fixed phrase preview in inspector when preview with other tracks
  • Fixed importing MIDI files with multiple 'note off' events for a 'note on' event
  • [macOS] Fixed hanging when using the AU plug-in in Logic Pro X 10.6

February 8, 2021: v4.1

  • Chords track added to Melody Editor
  • 'Tonnetz' added to Chord Selector and master track chord options
  • 'Parallels' tab added in the Chord Selector that lists all modes and chords
  • Chord rules and chord progressions are included for Dorian, Lydian, Myxolydian, Phrygian, Aeolian modes, kindly contributed by Tomás San Miguel (not available in the demo version)
  • MIDI files and folders can be dropped on the progression browser to save the chord progressions from the files
  • Improved detecting and importing 'chords only' MIDI files
  • New variation: Rhythm Mapper
  • New option in Idea Tool track menu: Use Rhythms For 'Rhythm Mapper'
  • Chords can be on 'beat' boundaries by default which is the denominator of the signature
  • 'Lightning' button added to folder tracks in the Idea Tool which regenerates all tracks in the folder
  • Improved 'Collect Scales For Selected Chords'
  • Vector graphics is used for the buttons in the track header
  • Idea Tool UI layout improved when used with big font sizes
  • Using sliders in the track header updates the same slider in the track inspector
  • Variations display help when the mouse is hovered on the name
  • Fixed crash in Chord Selector when using bigger font sizes
  • [Plug-ins] Fixed: settings were saved in the RapidComposer folder instead of RapidComposerV4

December 7, 2020: v4.03

  • [macOS] AU MFX plug-in included
  • 'Open User Guide' button added which opens the updated v4 user guide (the wiki is deprecated)
  • Fixed importing MIDI CC's in MIDI files and other MIDI import fixes

November 30, 2020: v4.02

  • Fixed inserting bars into the composition in the timeline inspector
  • Fixed loading compositions when a VST instrument was set as preview instrument
  • Small fixes in the phrase and rhythm drop targets
  • Double-clicking on a 'Motive Generator' will set the instrument in the Melody Editor
  • When using the 'Repeat' option in the Idea Tool, regenerating individual tracks or the master track will do the repetition
  • Fixed crash when clicking on the phrase preview in Apply Shape and Apply Melody variations
  • [macOS] Fixed crash on Cmd+Q on macOS Catalina

November 23, 2020: v4.01

  • Phrase inspector shows timeline and note lengths for percussion phrases
  • Idea Tool 'Replace Composition' mode sets composition scale, tempo and signature, instead of setting the same in the added part
  • [Plug-ins] Fixed playback issues in the Melody Editor when soundfont was used
  • Fixed playback in the phrase inspector when previewing phrase generators dropped in percussion tracks
  • Fixed Idea Tool crashing randomly
  • Fixed crash when clicking on the 'Phrase Container'

November 16, 2020: v4.0

  • Redesigned user interface
  • Browsers are docked on the right side, file browser added
  • Melody Editor tab added for motive development, melody generation and editing
  • All rhythm and phrase generators were revamped
  • New rewritten VST2, VST3 and AU plugins. The plug-ins are self contained, so they do not use the main application. You can use soundfonts in the plug-in.
  • The installer is improved, including installing plug-ins. The Windows installer includes 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
  • Folder tracks
  • Peak meters and Audio Gain slider displayed for SF2, VSTi and audio tracks
  • Settings / VSTi page reworked and simplified
  • New structure inspector with extended functionality
  • Diatonic and chromatic mediant chords are in the Chords Suggestions
  • The initial 'enter license key' screen redesigned with the possibility to start the demo version
  • New variation: 'Apply Shape'. It is similar to Apply Melody but uses the new rhythm mapping
  • Add selected chords to a progression rule (from the master track, the progression editor, and the browser)
  • Additional bigger font sizes offered, suitable for 4K resolution
  • At the first usage font size is automatically set based on the screen resolution
  • Supporting special characters in directory names (cyrillic, kanji, etc)
  • Color themes updated and cleaned up. New color themes: 'Dark With Orange', 'Katalin Dark'
  • Dozens of other improvements and bug fixes that are impossible to list