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Upgrading to RapidComposer v5.2

Version 5 screenshot

Version 5.0 introduces the "Rhythm Lab" rhythm generator, the "MIDI Transformer" which crafts related sequences from an input MIDI file, and the "DAW view" for a global composition perspective akin to a DAW. Additionally, it comes with VST/VST3 sound effects, ghost tracks, enhanced UI, and numerous other advancements. Version 5.1 features the AI assistant. Version 5.2 has the new 'song view' and improved rhythm processing.

Version 4 customers (orders since April 1, 2023)

You are eligible for a free upgrade! You will receive your v5 license key and download links in e-mail on October 16, 2023. Please check your spam folder, and contact us if you cannot locate our e-mail.

Version 4 customers (orders before April 1, 2023)

You can upgrade to RapidComposer v5 for $49 (full edition) or $24 (light edition).

To upgrade, open the order page, and enter your v4 license key in the coupon code field. Should you need any assistance or have queries, please don't hesitate to reach out. 

Version 3 customers

We realize it's been a while since you've upgraded, and we genuinely believe you're missing out on some transformative advancements. We're offering a limited-time promotional upgrade price for our loyal v3 users.

You can upgrade to RapidComposer v5 for just $69 (full edition) or $29 (light edition). To upgrade please enter the coupon code that you received in e-mail.

Should you have any questions, or if you need assistance with the upgrade process, our team is eager to assist. We hope you'll give RapidComposer v5 a try and continue your musical journey with us.